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Brand New Smashing UX Publication : ‘The Mobile Book’

If you haven’t noticed, Smashing Magazine has recently undergone a significant visual and functional overhaul. It also appears to have acquired some brand new article contributors who are incredibly insightful and articulate; sharing their considerable expertise in areas like UI/UX, mobile development, web design, visual hierarchy and information architecture, etc. It’s been a joy to navigate the delightfully clean new site and read up on the latest advancements in the fast moving industry in which we are a part of. Most recently, Smashing Magazine announced a new hardback book specifically delving into the world of mobile design and all of it’s complicated and ever-changing components. Titled simply, ‘The Mobile Book’, it promises to detail effective mobile planning strategies, UX patterns and techniques, responsive design principles for mobile optimization, and workflow adaptations for mobile design and development. These are all things that I know I can always learn more about, so I am very excited to get my hands on this book and expand my knowledge in these areas. I would strongly advise you to do the same. Smashing is currently offering a %20 discount on pre-orders in addition to an included e-book version.

“The future is mobile. As more and more people are turning to mobile devices, designers and developers are facing new challenges and opportunities. Web design has to adapt, but before it can do so, we have to do our homework first. We have to understand the new medium, discover the right techniques and tools, and be well-prepared before we start designing for it. The Mobile Book, our brand new printed book, serves exactly this purpose.”


Jquery Quicksand

I love Jquery like a fat kid loves cake. So when I stumbled upon this rockin’ sorting plugin, I was obviously pretty pumped. This is great plugin for portfolios (I’m using it on this site), or to just sort any data by category with a nifty animation. See a demo, and download the script here .

How it works

At the very basic level, Quicksand replaces one collection of items with another. All you need to do is provide those two sets of items. You can do it in a couple of ways:

  1. Use plain HTML, like an unordered list.
  2. Download data by an Ajax call
  3. Transform HTML items by JavaScript (for example, sort them differently)


$('#source').quicksand( $('#destination li') );

This will work for the following HTML:

<ul id="source"> <li data-id="iphone">iPhone OS</li> <li data-id="android">Android</li> <li data-id="winmo">Windows Mobile</li> </ul> <ul id="destination"> <li data-id="macosx">Mac OS X</li> <li data-id="macos9">Mac OS 9</li> <li data-id="iphone">iPhone OS</li> </ul>

Please note that data-* is a perfectly valid HTML5 attribute. If you’re using older doctype, you can use a different attribute or even a custom function to identify unique elements. See these examples for more.

First container (source) is visible to the user. Second container (destination) is provided as the first argument of Quicksand.

You need data-id attributes so that the plugin can identify the same elements within source and destination collections. If elements exists in both collections (the same data-id), it’s the same to Quicksand.

If you want to include a callback function, add it as a last argument:

$('#source').quicksand( $('#destination li'), function() { // callback code });

10 New Years Resolutions for Designers


We all make New Years resolutions. Jump on the  treadmill for an hour a day, stop smoking, watch less TV, the rarely obtained and ill-contemplated lists go on. But what about resolutions that really matter to your career, and your sanity? Stop being a pushover and letting clients walk all over you until you fantasize about beating them with a MacBook. Quit blaming others for your own mistakes or inability to take charge. Learn to make mistakes faster, and don’t be afraid to throw comps away if they’re going down the wrong path. These are just a few condensed ideas in this great article by Mule Design creative director Mike Monteiro. Read it. Now get out there, grab Photoshop by the cojones, and make 2012 your b*tch!